While relatively small compared to other grain growing regions in Australia, the grain industry in the Mildura region is well established and makes up for part of the agricultural tradition of the region.

The majority of the Mildura Region’s grain producing area now has access to a reticulated water supply pipe from the Murray River, providing high quality water to many growers across the district.

Salinity issues affecting the grain growing industry in the Mildura Region in recent times is reversing positively thanks to educated management techniques in the dry land faming industries and salinity recharge; excess rain water finding its way to the water table has been minimised.

Grain Silos in the mildura region

Scattered across the vast Mildura Region are many silos, weigh bridges and sample stands.

The silos are situated in key locations providing vital drop off/pick up points for transportation and storage.

Silos in the Mildura Region are mainly operated by Graincorp, the Australian Wheat Board (AWB), and Viterra.

For further information regarding grain storage locations please refer to the industry contact details below.

T: +61 2 9325 9100
Toll Free:1 800 809 482

Toll Free 1 800 018 205

Australian Wheat Board
T: +61 3 9209 2000
Toll Free 1 800 054 433

Industry & Investment NSW
Greame McIntosh
District Agronomist
PO Box 62 Silver City Hwy Dareton NSW 2717
T: +61 3 5019 8404
F: +61 3 5027 4319
E: Department of Primary Industries
PO Box 905 Mildura VIC 3502
T: 61 3 5051 4500
E: Sustainable Farming
PO Box 5093 MIldura VIC 3502
T: +61 3 5021 9100

Victorian Farmers Federation
Grains Corporation
24 Collins St Melbourne VIC 3000
T: +61 3 9207 5537
Tel 1300 882 833 (Member’s general services)

NSW Farmers’ Association
Level 25, 66 Goulburn Street Sydney NSW 2000
T: +61 2 8251 1700
F: +61 2 8251 1750

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