Prime Mallee Lamb
In 1996, at the instigation of the Victorian Farmers Federation, Mildura Rural City Council registered “Prime Mallee Lamb” as a trademark for lamb production in the region.The trademark is also applied to lambs sold at the Ouyen Livestock Exchange.The trademark recognises that Mallee lambs are renowned for their growth, weight, size and eating quality.

“Prime Mallee Lambs” are also recognised for the clean, green environment in which they are produced.

There are two major saleyards in the region; the Ouyen Livestock Exchange and the Yelta Saleyards.

For further information see Mildura Region Economic Profile

Prime Mallee Lamb
T: +61 3 5092 2058 or +61 3 5092 1541Ouyen Livestock Exchange Inc.
PO Box 24 Britt St Ouyen VIC 3490
Patchewollock VIC 3491Superintendant
T: 0427 921 160

T: +61 3 5084 1373

Yelta Saleyards
Calder Hwy Yelta

540 Benetook Ave Mildura VIC 3500
T:+61 3 5021 8888

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