Salinity is one of Australia’s major environmental issues, the innovative company SunSalt, is utilising the Mildura region’s dry climate to turn a potential environmental problem into a gourmet food product.

SunSalt is pumping saline underground water onto existing salt-affected sites, where high evaporation rates and low humidity create the right conditions for crystallisation.

Naturally occurring minerals give the resulting salt an attractive pink colour.

The award winning naturally pink gourmet salt flakes, enjoyed around the world.

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Murray River Gourmet Pink Salt Flakes
Murray River Gourmet Pink Grinder Salt
Murray River Gourmet Chilli Salt
Sunsalt Products – Pool salt, Stock feed salt, hide salt

SunSalt believe that every tonne of salt removed must assist in some small way and were awarded the National Engineers 2005 award for demonstrated applications and systems for helping salinity.

SunSalt also produces stockfeed and industrial salt.

Murray River Salt
4 Bothroyd Crt Mildura VIC 3500

T: +61 3 5021 5355

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