The Murray Valley region, which incorporates Mildura (see map), is also a significant citrus growing region, producing over a third of the Navel orange and Grapefruit crop in Australia.

Mildura is also the headquarters of Citrus Australia Ltd, the peak body of the citrus industry in Australia and is also the location for the office of the Murray Valley Citrus Board that provides a wide range of information and services to citrus growers and marketers in the region.

For further information on Citrus in the Murray Valley region visit the Mildura Region Economic Profile

Murray Valley Citrus Board
The Murray Valley Citrus Board (MVCB) is a statutory authority whose responsibility is to provide a range of services to citrus producers in this region such as regionally relevant research, development and extension; market development services; communication, market information and promotion to ensure the industry is sustainable and internationally competitive.

It covers an area from the South Australian/Victoria border, to the Swan Hill/ Barham area, and a small area surrounding Wangaratta, however most production occurs within the Mildura Region.

58 Pine Ave, Mildura, VIC 3500
T: +61 3 5021 1890

Citrus Australia Ltd
The headquarters of Australia’s peak national citrus body is located in Mildura.

Citrus Australia is a national organisation promoting the common interests and the financial and environmental sustainability of all Australian citrus growers.

115 Lime Ave, Mildura VIC 3500
T: +61 3 5023 6333

Curlwaa Fresh
From humble beginnings in 1991(hand squeezing 50,000 litres per annum), Curlwaa Fresh now squeezes over 500,000 litres of premium juice products annually.

In February 1998 the business was acquired by the present owners, an alliance of four local families, each with strong citrus industry interests.

The Company’s goal is to continue to expand its niche in the premium juice market by promoting the unique natural flavour of Curlwaa orange juice products.

Curlwaa Orange Juice is squeezed fresh daily from 100% Australian Valencia oranges, grown predominantly in the rich alluvial soils of the Curlwaa District, near Wentworth, New South Wales.

Marketing Manager
PO Box 296 Dareton NSW 2717
T: +61 3 5027 6480

Citrus Processing / Packaging

Mildura Fruit Company
Mildura Fruit Company (MFC) is one of Australia’s leading citrus packers and exporters, marketing a full range of citrus fruits around the world. MFC sources quality citrus from approximately 130 citrus growers along the Murray and Darling Rivers in South Eastern Australia.The great depth of MFC’s citrus supply ensures that large volumes of quality citrus are sourced from an extensive harvest area.MFC packs out of a single, very large packing-house located in Mildura and employs 40 permanent staff and 150 casual staff to meet seasonal and shift requirements.

MFC is a technologically advanced citrus packer, making extensive use of bar code scanning and computerised fruit sixing and sorting equipment.

MFC is constantly upgrading pack-house plant and equipment to cope with a steady growth in packing and the demands of marketing.

MFC’s operation of 2 large capacity packing lines that enable the full range of citrus products to be sorted and packed with little interruption throughout the busy citrus season.

MFC is well supported by an established, worldwide customer base and greater than 80% of MFC’s carton production is shipped to overseas destinations.

MFC also has significant market share in Australian wholesale markets and supermarkets.

The Crescent Mildura VIC 3500
T: +61 3 5021 1644

Mildura Fruit Juices (Aust) Pty Ltd
Mildura Fruit Juices (Aust) Pty Ltd (MFJA) is acknowledged as the largest independent processor of citrus juice in Australia.

MFJA began as an industrial processor in 1970, but over the years has developed the product range to cater for all segments of the juice industry.

Over 200 different products are manufactured at MFJA using locally grown fruit as well as imported concentrates.

The locally grown raw material that is sources by MFJA is of the highest quality, and being sourced locally means that the fruit can arrive at the factory within hours of being picked – complementing the freshness and quality.

PO Box 104 Mildura VIC 3502
T: +61 3 5023 5072

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