Honey Bee

Pollination Services
As a horticultural area, honey bees are very important in the Mildura region, particularly for the pollination of almond and
melon crops.While the region does produce some honey and bees wax, pollination is an industry in itself.In order to pollinate the region’s vast almond plantations,
between 110,000 hives are brought into the region from many
of the Eastern States in order to meet the huge demand that pollination created.

Bee keepers in the Mildura region also service other regions including South Australia.

Honey Production
Besides honey and bees was, other products include royal jelly, queen bees and pollen.

With greater recognition of the therapeutic and health benefits
of honey, local investors are beginning to explore emerging
value-adding opportunities, such as honey straws for
endurance athletes.

Australian Honey Bee Industry Council
T: +61 2 9221 0911
E: ahbic@honeybee.org.au

Source Rural Industries Research & Development
Corporation ” Valuing Honeybee Pollination ”
Publication No 03/077

Crop reliance on insect pollination
Percentage %
> Almonds 100%
> Avocados 100%
> Stonefruits 70%
> Cucurberts: – Rockmelons
– Watermelons
– Pumpkins
– Cucumbers
– Z ucchinis
> Citrus 30%

Victorian Apiarists Association

T: +61 3 5446 1544
F: +61 3 5446 1543
E: vaa@vicbeekeepers.com.au

Sunraysia Apiarists Association
T: + 61 3 5024 8674
M: 0427 248 674
E: monsonshoney@bigpond.com

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