Merbein Mushrooms
Merbein Mushrooms Pty Ltd at Merbein South has been growing mushrooms since 1970.The farm produces 20 tonnes of fresh, quality mushrooms on a weekly cycle, starting with the composting process.Fifteen temperature controlled growing rooms are used in the process.

Merbein Mushrooms have a staff of 60 and pick six days a week, delivering by refrigerated transport to the Adelaide and Melbourne wholesale markets.

115 cubic metres of spent mushroom compost is produced weekly as a by-product of the mushroom growing process.

Merbein Mushrooms produce buttons, cups and flats in the White variety. For further information see Mildura Region Economic Profile

Merbein Mushrooms
Sturt Hwy Merbein South VIC 3505
T: +61 3 5025 6265
E: merbeinmushrooms@bigpond.comAustralian Mushroom Growers Association
T: +61 2 4577 6877
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