The Mildura region is a nationally significant nut growing region, specifically for almonds and pistachios.The Mildura region is one of five major almond growing regions in Australia, and is the fastest growing almond industry in the world.Approximately 70% of Australian almonds are produced in the Mildura region.  Australia currently exports to more than 30 countries and it is forecast that Australia will surpass Spain to become the world’s second largest almond producer within the decade.
Approximately half of the region’s almond plantations comprise the variety “Nonpareil” (Californian Paper Shell). For pollination purposes, the other 45% are made up largely of “Carmel” and “Price” varietals.

Almonds are reliant on the honey bee industry for pollination. For further information see Mildura Region Economic Profile

Almond Board of Australia
PO Box 2246 Berri, SA 5343
T: +61 8 8582 2055
F: +61 8 8582 3503

Select Harvests Limited
PO Box 5 Thomastown VIC
T: +61 3 9474 3544
F: +61 3 9474 3588

Almondco Australia Limited
PO Box 1744 Renmark SA 3541
T: +61 8 8586 8800
F: +61 8 8595 1559

Commercial growing of pistachios commenced in the 1980s, and yields began to increase in the 1990s.There are about 25 pistachio growers in Australia (4 large and 21 smaller growers, with about 550 hectares of trees planted.Most pistachios produced are sold direct to supermarkets. Australian Pioneer Pistachio Company (APPC) is at the heart of the Australian pistachio industry.

APPC recently completed the construction of a new hulling and grading plant at Robinvale, Victoria.

Most pistachios grown in the region are the variety “Sirora”, which was developed by the CSIRO at Merbein for Australian conditions.

Other varieties are present only in small numbers, with the Californian “Kerman” the most significant.

Geographical Information
Most Australian Pistachios are grown in the Murray Valley.
The largest plantings in the Mildura Region are located close to the processing facility at Robinvale, with others in the Nangiloc area.

Processing Facilities

Hulling, drying, sorting & sale
Australian Pioneer Pistachio Company (APPC), Robinvale (Vic)

Pistachio Growers Association Inc.
27 Ludgate Hill Rd Aldgate SA 5154

Australian Pioneer Pistachio Company
Sales and Marketing:
T: +61 8 8231 7011

Hulling and Grading Plant
T: +61 3 5026 9310

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