The Mildura region produces large amounts of vegetables every year, much of which goes to domestic consumption like lettuce and many variations of melon.

Additionally many vegetable products are exported such as carrot juice and green asparagus.

Carrots, asparagus and melons are the three main vegetables produced; with carrots and asparagus producing 24% and 23% of the total Australian production and melons, 11% of the total Australian production.

The Mildura Region boasts some of Australia’s most significant carrot production.

Rocky Lamattina and Sons Farms for example has sophisticated technology for large scale production and a state of the art packing and handling facility, ensuring premium quality and efficiency.

90% of lettuce produced in the Mildura Region is sold for processing for the food service industry.

Green asparagus is produced year round predominately for fresh consumption with Japan and Taiwan being valuable export markets.

Melon growing is ideally suited to the Mildura region’s hot summer climate.

Rockmelon, watermelon and honeydew are produced using drip irrigation with produce marketed domestically and small quantities exported.

Potato growing occurs mostly on sand hills under centre pivot irrigation with produce sent to fresh markets and processing for potato crisps.

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