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The Mildura Region (also known as Sunraysia and part of the wider Murray Valley) has a diverse thriving economy.

Mildura is immediately surrounded by an irrigation-based horticultural area, with dryland cropping on its fringe.

Squatters, soldiers, settlers, drovers, entrepreneurs, Prime Ministers, explorers and many others appear throughout the colourful history of the Mildura region.

Aborigines lived in the Mallee for many thousands of years before European settlement, and indigenous descendants still live in the region.

The 1830s search for an inland sea resulted instead in the naming of the Darling and Murray Rivers by Captain Charles Sturt, who was the first on record to suspect a junction where Wentworth is situated today.

Explorers began occupying land for sheep grazing from the 1840s.

In 1887, the enterprising Canadian brothers, George and William Benjamin Chaffey, at the invitation of Alfred Deakin, travelled from California to set up irrigation colonies at Renmark and Mildura.

The region's first horticultural industry was dried fruits (raisins and sultanas) followed post Second World War by citrus.

More recently it has been dominated by wine grapes, table grapes, large scale wine production (Treasury Wine Estates, Australian Vintage, Constellation Wines) and food processing including olive oil production (Mildura Fruit Company Ltd, Sunbeam Foods, Boundary Bend and Robinvale Estate).

Currently this irrigated oasis produces approximately 20% each of Australia's total wine grape crush, 20% of citrus production and almost 100% of Australia's dried vine fruit production.

The emerging new industry is mineral sands mining, as focus shifts from coastal areas to a new frontier in the rich Murray Valley basin. Major deposits located north of Wentworth and south of Mildura will ensure the future development of this vital international industry.

The region's Mediterranean climate and proximity to the Murray and Darling Rivers has ensured a flourishing tourism industry. The region boasts notable established sporting and recreational facilities.
The existing critical mass and growing population means all major services such as hospitals, airports, schools, banks, supermarkets, cinema, doctors, lawyers and accountants (professionals and tradespersons) are extensively represented.

Retail activity in Mildura includes a major shopping plaza and a strong CBD retail precinct. Vibrant local shopping is located in each of the surrounding satellite townships.

Mildura Region Geographical Indicator
The Mildura region can be defined as the Local Government Areas (LGA) of Mildura Rural City Council (Victoria) and the Wentworth Shire Council (New South Wales)

Mildura Australia

Retail activity in Mildura includes a major Shopping Plaza and a strong CBD retail precinct. Vibrant local shopping strips are located in each of the surrounding satellite townships.

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