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The semi-arid country contained within the Mildura Region may appear to contain little to the untrained eye. It is, however, home to some of Australia's most unusual and diverse flora and fauna.

The Mildura Region comprises 40% of Victoria's National Parks, including Murray Sunset, Big Desert, Wyperfeld and Hattah Kulkyne.

The Mallee tree, a multi-stemmed Eucalyptus plant, is an icon to the region.

It can withstand damage from animals, fire, and drought by resprouting as coppice regrowth from extensive lignotubers or mallee roots.
The leaves of some mallee trees provide very high quality eucalyptus oil.

Old-growth Mallee vegetation sustains five species of rare bird: Malleefowl (a ground nesting bird), Mallee Emu Wren, Regent Parrot, Black Eared Miner, and Red-lord Whistler.

The region encompasses the junction of the great Murray and Darling Rivers and the World Heritage listed Mungo National Park in New South Wales.
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