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Fresh Food and Wine Industries

ANDPAK (Australia) Pty. Ltd.
Specialising in polystyrene packaging used for fresh fruit packing and exporting table grapes, as well as a comprehensive range of products for the building, wine, toy and industrial packaging industries.

PO Box 869 Irymple VIC 3498
T: +61 3 5024 5819 F: +61 3 5024 6334

Lindsay Rural
Lindsay Rural supply corrugated fibre pack packaging (distributors of AMCOR Fibre Packaging) as well as styrene and plastic packaging for all fresh fruit and vegetable needs.

Lindsay Rural also have a large range of rural merchandising, everything from planting to harvesting.

430 Benetook Avenue Mildura VIC 3500
T: +61 3 5051 7500

One of the world's largest packaging companies, AMCOR, is a local supplier of corrugated fibre packaging and cartons meeting the needs of all horticultural, dried fruit, fresh fruit (and vegetables), wineries, industrial and commercial clients in Sunraysia and North Western Victoria.

164a Eighth Street Mildura VIC 3500
Mark Hussein 0417 329 495
Darren McGinty 0418 530 724
Melissa Amos 0438 500 962

Visy Board (VISY)
Mildura Region Depot
Benetook Ave Mildura VIC 3500
T: +61 3 5023 0044
Free Call (Aust) 1800 550 132

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