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Port of Melbourne

A large volume of exports from the Mildura Region move through the Port of Melbourne, which is linked by efficient road and rail connections, with advanced computer scheduling technologies, into two of Australia's most efficient stevedoring companies.

More than 40 shipping lines connect the Port of Melbourne with more than 300 international ports.

The Port of Melbourne liaises and works very closely with all components of the international supply chain.

This includes growers, importers/exporters, packers and transport companies, as well as direct liaison with the Government offices and industry bodies in the region.

Direct and personal involvement form our representatives and dedicated team ensures that all the stakeholders in the supply chain are aware of and updated of the benefits of facilitating the flow of cargo through the Port of Melbourne to its final destination.

Scott Searles
Business Development Manager SA & Sunraysia
T: +61 8 8237 0503
M: 0417 354 399

Geelong Port - Toll Ports
Geelong Port is the largest regional port in Victoria, continuing to experience stable trade results with excellent prospects to participate in the state of Victoria’s expected economic growth.

Geelong Port combined with the Stevedoring businesses presents a range of services for shipping, import and export clients with access to a seamless supply chain.

Much of the region’s grain is exported from Geelong.

Business Manager, Port Management
T: +61 3 5247 0303
M: 0411 885 207

Flinders Ports - Port of Adelaide
Flinders Ports is a private company operating seven of South Australia's ports: Port Adelaide, Port Lincoln, Port Pirie, Thevenard, Port Giles, Wallaroo and Klein Point.

Flinders Ports is committed to improving port services to the benefit of existing trades and assisting in the development of new business.

The Company continues to expand its port facilities to meet the demands of its customers.

The Port of Adelaide is the primary location for shipping in the State and is located 14 km northwest of Adelaide at the centre of Australia's southern coast.

Export activity focuses on the shipment of grains, minerals, cement, wine, motor vehicles, ores and concentrates.

The largest single import is petroleum.

The port provides South Australia and surrounding areas with a gateway to and from the global trading environment.

The Outer Harbor consists of the DP World Adelaide container terminal which is equipped with 380 reefer plugs for perishable trade. Intermodal facilities are provided, integrating the container terminal with the national rail and road system, enabling efficient transfer of cargo.

Port Adelaide can provide flexibility with regard to infrastructure development, as well as facilitating cost-effective cargo movements with fewer delays.

An extensive road and railway network servicing a catchment area extending across South Australia to southern New South Wales and western Victoria enables Flinders Ports to offer a vast range of receival, storage and transport options.

The inner harbour consists of 12 berths including 5 common user general cargo or bulk berths.

Business Development
T: +61 8 8447 0611

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