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The Mildura Region boasts nearly 40 wine producers ranging from micro boutique* to large* scale wineries; with the capacity to crush between 5 and 120,000 tonnes of wine grapes annually. Over half of the region's wineries are exporting and many are in the process of developing export relationships to expand their business.

The Mildura Murray Darling Wine Industry Association (Mildura Wines) was formed in 2005 with the key focus of creating greater awareness and improving the perception of the wines of the Mildura Murray Darling.

The role of the Association is to bring together representatives from the wine industry and associated organisations to improve industry capability, communication, marketing, technology and education for the region's wine industry.

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The Mildura Region has a history of large wine producers such as Lindemans (Treasury Wine Estates), Australian Vintage, Wingara Wines and Constellation Wines, with a combined non-vintage workforce of over 400 (over 700 during vintage). In recent years the industry has been enjoying growth of many medium to boutique sixed wineries including Trentham Estate and Zilzie Wines.

The region has also become the central point for servicing clients from the extended wine regions of the Barossa, Clare and Griffith areas (vine nurseries, wine tank manufacture, irrigation expertise, tartaric suppliers, transport infrastructure etc).

Bottling Services

Best Bottlers Pty. Ltd.
Best Bottlers is a contract wine bottling and warehousing business based in the Mildura Region. The business was established to capture bottling of the low cost export orientated businesses of the major irrigated regions of Australia, which make up nearly 70% of Australia's total wine grape production.

The plant has capacity to bottle approximately 2,500,000 cases per year on a two shift basis, and has on site warehouse capacity of 9,000 square metres. Best Bottlers has the ability to outsource almost unlimited warehouse capacity on behalf of its customers. 1,600,000 litres of insulated bulk wine contract storage is also available.

Best Bottlers also provide the following services (some on a fee for service basis and some as part of the packaged price) : - all export approvals
- organise container stuffing and sea freight
- pick up orders and organise transport
- contract wine analysis
- organise appropriate bottling components for customers

PO Box 4088 Mildura VIC 3502
T: + 61 3 5018 7100

Natural Products from the Mildura Region used in the Wine Industry

Arumpo Bentonite Pty Ltd

The Mildura Region boasts the largest Bentonite deposit in Australia, with indicated reserves exceeding 70 million tonnes.

Arumpo Bentonite Pty Ltd has developed the world class deposit, which is unique because of its extremely high purity.

The shallow depth of the resource allows easy mining with minimal disturbance to the environment.

The mine is situated in the south west corner of NSW, 95km north west of Mildura, and is ideally located between the major capital cities of Sydney, Melbourne and Adelaide.

Large markets for engineering, environmental, agricultural, and manufacturing and food processing applications are readily accessible.

This unique Mildura Region product has excellent export potential - a product of superior quality that is essential to vast industry sectors.

Bentonite is widely used in the clarification of wine and fruit juices however Bentonite mined in the Mildura Region is not currently used in the industry.

Following glowing reviews from testing programs with the Australian Wine Institute, Arumpo Bentonite now complies with FSANZ standard 1.3.4.

Business Manager
Head Office
PO Box 5045 Mildura VIC 3502
T: + 61 3 5021 0744
Free Call 1800 210 744
F: 61 3 5021 0755

Natural Tartaric Acid
Australian Tartaric Products at Colignan (North West Victoria) is Australia's largest manufacturer of natural Tartaric Acid, and also produces Food Grade Spirit.

The facility collects Grape Marc, Grape lees, and centrifuge De-Sludge created by the wine making process from the Murray Valley, Riverland, Riverina and Barossa regions.

The raw material collected is processed at our plant, creating a completely natural product from material which would otherwise end up int landfill.

Australian Tartaric Products manufacture and supply the finest quality natural Tartaric Acid, Cream of Tartar and pure food grade Spirit to the Australian wine industry.

They are also suppliers of Citric Acid, Rochelle Salt, Ammonium Tartrate, Metatartaric Acid and Potassium Tartrate.

Marketing and Sales
T: 0400 900 93
M: 0407 189 552

Colignan Plant
T: +61 3 5029 1450
M: 0408 502 175

Wine industry Services: Wine Label Printing

Based in the Mildura Region, Jamesprint is nationally recognised in the Australian label printing market, specialising in wine and spirit labels of the highest standard.

Short production time requirements, superior service, price competitiveness and strategic location have made Jamesprint an essential supplier to much of the Australian wine industry, supplying customers in most states.

Plant and equipment are specifically designed to produce both pressure sensitive and wet glue wine labels of the highest quality.

At the Asia- Pacific LATMA Label Awards, Jamesprint collected a silver and gold medal from the two labels entered, and then went on to be judged best in show against all other entries - Australia's highest label printing award.

7 The Crescent Mildura VIC 3500
T: + 61 3 5021 3222

Wine Industry Technical Services

The viticulture, horticulture and agricultural industries within the Mildura Region are supported by a vast number of technical and professional services.

Many of these businesses operate both locally, nationally and internationally.

The supportive services to the industry provide some of the following services: manufacture wine tanks, bulk wine storage, specialist engineering, wine tank insulation specialists and much more.

Provided below are just a few of the many specialists operating in the Mildura Region.

Thermowrap Australia Pty Ltd
Wine tank insulators
1 Harris Close Irymple VIC 3498
T: +61 3 5024 7400
M: 0417 530 908

A&G Engineering (Vic) Pty Ltd
Wine tank manufacturers and stainless steel fabricators
8 Roberts Close Irymple VIC 3498
T: + 61 3 5024 7183
F: + 61 3 5024 7185

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