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The growing of wine grapes and the production of wine has been an important feature of the Victorian economy and landscape for well over 100 years.

Spanning the Murray River in north-west Victorian and western New South Whales, though principally on the Victorian side of the boarder the Murray Darling is a vast wine region.

Plantings are primarily concentrated around Mildura, Red Cliffs, Robinvale, Euston and Merbein.

The Murray Darling wine region is the second largest wine region in Australia, with about 1,000 growers with more than 15,000 hectares of vineyards producing more than 4000,000 tonnes annually (up to 20% of the national crush, depending on seasonal variations).

The value of the wine-grape production in the region is about $200 million a year. The Murray Darling wine region has the perfect climate and ideal conditions for growing grapes.

It is not surprising that this thriving wine grape industry is producing in excess of 40 different varietals with new and emerging varieties being planted each year. For further information please refer to the Mildura Region Economic Profile.

The Australian Alternative Varieties Wine Show
In 1999 Stefano de Pieri and Bruce Chalmers initiated the Sangiovese Awards and continued with the Australian Italian Wine Show in 2000.

Following the success of these shows the first Australian Alternative Varieties Wine Show was held in Mildura in November in 2001.

The initial concept has evolved to include all alternative wine varieties that tend to be marginalised at other shows and attracts entries from throughout Australia and New Zealand.

The Show aims to provide an alternative to the mainstream wine shows, a dedicated forum for alternative or emerging wine varieties and to encourage alternative more cutting edge judging procedures.

The show achieves extensive national food and wine media coverage each year by inviting high profile winemakers and wine writers to judge at the event.

Consequently it contributes in no small way to exposing the regional wine and food industry to a national audience and contributes to raising the profile of award winning wines and food and wine tourism in general.

In the process the Australian Alternative Varieties Wine Show also draws attention to some of the Mildura region's best chefs, cooks, restaurants, wineries and wine in ten days of dining where alternative varieties and great regional food are highlighted.

Enquiries, Entries & Bookings for the Australian Alternative Varieties Wine Show

Helen Healy Organisation
PO Box 3276 Mildura VIC 3502
T: +61 3 5021 5100
F: +61 3 5021 5133

Contacts and Further Information

Department of Primary Industries
Research & Development Division
PO Box 905 Mildura VIC 3502
Cnr Koorlong Ave & Eleventh St Irymple VIC 3498
T: +61 3 5051 4500
F: +61 3 5051 4523

Murray Valley Winegrowers’ Inc.
PO Box 2745 Mildura VIC 3502
T: +61 3 5021 3911
F: +61 3 5023 2335

SunRISE 21 Inc.
Mapping & Information Services
54 Lemon Ave Mildura VIC 3500
T: +61 3 5023 7355
F: +61 3 5021 1457

Australian Wine & Brandy Corporation
PO Box 2733 Kent Town SA 5071
T: + 61 8 8228 2000

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