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Table grapes are a large component of the Mildura Region's grape production accounting for 69% of the total Australian table grape production.

The labour-intensive nature of the table grape crop (unlike dried or wine grapes) requires the industry to employ a great number of permanent and itinerant workers.

Backpackers are drawn to the region 9 months of the year to assist growers meet the demand of harvest. Australian Table Grape Association recent reports indicate around 40 varieties of table grapes; where local growers to the Mildura Region produce over 20 varietals.

> Red Globe   Feb - May
  Menindee Seedless   Jan - Feb
> Crimson Seedless  

Mar - May

  Calmeria   Apr - May
> Red Emperor   Apr - May
  O'Hanez   Apr - May
> Ralli Seedless   Jan - Feb
  Red Rob   Mar - Apr
> Cardinal   Jan - Feb
  Stanley Seedless   Mar - Apr
> Ribier   Mar
> Nyora   Apr - May
> Jade Seedless   Apr - May
> Multi-use varieties for table   Unknown
> Thompson Seedless   Feb - Apr

Packaging and Processing Services

Packaging and processing of table grapes is usually carried out in packing sheds and has recently diversified to field packing.

Polystyrene boxes are usually used to pack bulk fruit for distribution and some are bagged for supermarket supply.

Individual table grape growers generally carry out packaging services and smaller growers contract the larger grower/producer to package their fruit.

There are certain skills to packing table grapes, and to ensure they are kept in optimum condition experienced pickers and packers are sought each harvest.

Sunraysia Table Grape Growers
Association Inc.

PO Box 4195 Mildura VIC 3502
T: 0418 537 504

Robinvale Table Grape Growers Association
PO Box 516 Robinvale VIC 3549
T: 0419 363 152

Australian Table Grapes Association Inc
33 Madden Ave Mildura VIC 3500
T: +61 3 5021 5718
F: +61 3 400 900 36
M: 0417 122 086

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