Five tips for choosing a good roofer for your roof restoration

Are you looking for a roofer for your roof, whether for a residence or a business? Don’t be fooled by a cheap business! Here are some tips to ensure you get quality work. Keep in mind that a poorly designed roof, whether sloped or flat, may not leak on the first day. It is usually after a few weeks that infiltration problems appear. We have already seen roofs being redone after less than five years, because of incompetent roofers!

1- Request a quote

A roofer who assesses the work to be done from the cow floor may have a business that is struggling! Make sure you get a proper quote, ideally from three different companies, for your roof repairs. It is better to pay the right price. This will prevent you from being surprised by additional costs for problems that the average roofer cannot see because they are not mounted on the roof.

2- Meet the roofer in person

Think you’ve found “THE” roofer you can trust? Meet him in person to find out who you’re dealing with. Don’t just rely on submission. Beware of roofers who put pressure on you. They often want to work quickly to move on to the next customer. If some people suggest that you do an inspection even if you are not at home, be careful! You won’t know if they really went up on the roof to do checks. And you will be sure that they are not used to inspecting the attic.

3- Ask the roofer

When accepting a quote for your roof, ask the roofer to make sure that the work will be done as it should, according to your requirements. After all, it’s not for an igloo. And redoing a roof costs a lot of money! Here are six important questions you should ask before signing a quote with the company that will be working on your roof:

  • Are the works guaranteed?
  • How long will the work take?
  • Will access to my residence or my business be possible during the work?
  • Which suppliers do you do business with?
  • Is it possible to contact old customers for reference?
  • Will the waste be collected after the work?

3. A roofer who guarantees his services

As a professional, a roofer must be able to offer these customers a guarantee. This is the so- called ten-year guarantee. Thanks to the latter, in particular within the framework of the installation of a new roof, you will be covered in the event of damage following the acceptance of the works. This guarantee, as its name suggests, is valid for a period of 10 years. In addition to the ten-year guarantee, also make sure that the service provider to whom you will entrust the repair of your roof has professional liability insurance. The legislative texts in force expressly require all professional roofers to take out this insurance.

4. Check the equipment used by the roofer

For a true professional roofer, it goes without saying that he uses equipment that meets safety standards when installing or maintaining your roof. On top of that, also demand that he prove to you that the human elements he has have the technical qualifications required to install the roof of your house.

5. Choose an experienced roofer

It’s all well and good to have all the permits, but you still have to be sure that the roofer knows what he is talking about! A company that has been in business for ten years, as is the case with Toiture Union, is a sign of credibility, both in terms of business model and reputation. An experienced roofer “has seen others”, as they say! Its goal is that the “hard roof”! Are you unsure? Read comments on social media. You will get an idea of the quality of our work!

Contact a professional roofer recommended by your loved ones

The easiest way to find the best roofer for roof restoration is to talk to your loved ones. They can know a professional with several years of experience like this roofer in the 15 who has never disappointed his clients. Depending on the opinions of your friends or families, you can easily establish a small list of roofers to contact. Word of mouth is effective in that you will be able to see the provider’s accomplishments for yourself. If he is recommended by one or more of your friends, do not hesitate to trust him and make an appointment with him as soon as possible.